1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices
  2. Choose English
  3. The voices are grouped by accent. Locate the desired accent and select a voice (You can only have one selected).

If the accent selected here is the same you have selected in English IQ(go Settings to change it) you will listen to that voice in the games, courses, examples etc.

If the accent selected here is different from the one selected in English IQ you will hear the selected voice only in the games in which that accent is explicitly used. For example, in ACCENTS.

Enhanced voices download recommented. English IQ will use the Enhanced voices if the are available.

Enhanced-quality voices can be 100 MB or larger.Connect your device to Wi-Fi to download and install one of these voices.


Editor recommendation:

All enhanced voices are excellent but my favorites are:

  • For American accent: Ava
  • For UK accent: Serena
  • For Australian accent: Lee